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Many of you may remember Juan Martinez, mi amigo and carpenter extraordinaire of Adios mosquitos and A terrace transformed fame.  Well, he is a man of many talents — and one of them is building kaleidoscopes.  Given that his “day job” is working in the office of Gorilla Glass, he has come into contact with many of the hip, young, and talented artists currently creating in Oaxaca.  Thus, a natural collaboration ensued.   Juan + Gorilla Glass + Lapiztola stencil = an exhibition of the Lapiztola Collective’s artistry at Gorilla Gallery.

P1020733 copy

Looking into the eye of the kaleidoscope.


What do you see?

There is the second kaleidoscope — this one a hand-crank.  Come by Gorilla Gallery on one of the next couple of Thursdays from 2 PM to 8 PM, to give it a try.


And, be forewarned, they are working on a special Día de los Muertos kaleidoscopic project.  Prepare to be amazed!

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These creatures began materializing around town a couple of months ago.  I wonder…

Creatures painted on wall

Who are they?

Creature painted on wall

Where did they come from?

Creatures painted on wall

What do they want?

Creatures painted on wall

Perhaps, I should ask here!

Creature painted on wall

The walls of Oaxaca… you have questions, they have answers.

Update:  The monsters sprang forth from the mind of SCOM.

h/t Jason Pfohl of Gorilla Glass.

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