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I felt like I was being watched, as I walked through Barrio Xochimilco this morning…

Mural of creatures painted by SCOM on wall

Stumbled upon, what could be, the stairway to heaven…

Outside stairs at Templo Santo Tomás Xochimilco

Just passing through…

2 women in front of mural with2 dancing skeletons

Aren’t we all?

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The “buildings in a bad state” in Oaxaca continue to multiply.

crumbling adobe wall with sign "precaución! inmueble en mal estado"

Where some see unsightly decay, others see opportunity…

Crumbling adoble & brick wall with graffiti, "This is a good spot"

including urban artist, SCOM.

Crumbling adobe wall with graffiti creature by SCOM

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These creatures began materializing around town a couple of months ago.  I wonder…

Creatures painted on wall

Who are they?

Creature painted on wall

Where did they come from?

Creatures painted on wall

What do they want?

Creatures painted on wall

Perhaps, I should ask here!

Creature painted on wall

The walls of Oaxaca… you have questions, they have answers.

Update:  The monsters sprang forth from the mind of SCOM.

h/t Jason Pfohl of Gorilla Glass.

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