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Ahhh… a return visit to Centro de las Artes de San Agustín in early December still resonates.  The CASA, a former spinning and weaving factory, was re-imagined by artist Francisco Toledo and architect Claudina Morales Lopez.  Now it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing spaces I’ve ever experienced.  But, why have I never before noticied this?

Inside and outside, seen in black and white or color, wherever one looks, the attention to detail and design strikes, delights, and often surprises.

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From Sangre de Cristo to Santo Domingo, along the Alcalá, one is now able to “have a seat.”

Wooden bench with a curved seat.

As part of the inauguration of the Me Siento Bien en Oaxaca (I Feel Good in Oaxaca) and to celebrate, International Youth Day, 13 pieces were created by students of the Faculty of Architecture Cinco de Mayo, the Free School of Art and Design, and the Urban Contingency B_root studio.

Slats of curved pieces of wood forming a bench

The theme was Evolution and the young people were charged with using recycled materials and innovative design.

Bench with metal seat with punched design, which is mirrored in the shadow on the paving stones.

I think they succeeded!

Brass looking metal bench reflecting paving stones, building, and lamp

Alas, it is only temporary; August 18 is the last day.


Circular double bench - metal and plastic.

However, according to a newspaper report, as a more permanent part of Me Siento Bien en Oaxaca program, benches “rescued by the City” will be put in public spaces.

Wooden boxes


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