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Pretty in pink on the streets of Oaxaca…P1140835





And, this doesn’t even include the pink and lime green of Correos de México (Mexican post office).

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Lighting, costumes, music, and dance combined to envelop last night’s audience at the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá in an other worldly experience.  Catrina is a magical tale where the world of the living converges with the world of the dead and the central theme is the pain of a mother losing her daughter.

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The show is a celebration of the pre-Columbian traditions and culture of Oaxaca, especially the ritual and meaning surrounding Día de los Muertos.  Much of the music was traditional Oaxacan and most performers were Oaxaqueños, including Alejandra Robles, singing the title role.

At 48% (that’s over 1.6 million people), the state of Oaxaca has the second highest indigenous population in Mexico.  Perhaps that is why the belief systems of the ancient Mexicans Octavio Paz, cites in The Labyrinth of Solitude, remain strong today.  He writes, “Life extended into death, and vice-versa.  Death was not the natural end of life but one phase of an infinite cycle.”  Healthier, more realistic, and more comforting, I think…

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This Catrina arrived styling and ready to party.

Stylish Catrina posing in front of stone wall

Manicured fingers and toes, flower in her hair, and umbrella drink in hand, all she needs is a guy (or gal).

Seated Catrina in Tehuana traje holding cocktail glass with umbrellas.

Young man beware — she has her eye on you!

Ghoulish Catrina standing next to head shot of handsome young man

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