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Got your hearts?  Yes!

Bouquets of heart shaped balloons

Got your flowers?  Yes!


Got your candy?  Yes!

Candy display on counter

¡Feliz Día del Amor y la Amistad!  (Happy day of love and friendship!)

(ps)  To expand your linguistic skills, learn Frases de amor y amistad en 7 lenguas indígenas mexicanas — including Mixe, Mixteco, and Zapoteco.

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Last week, my neighbor Marga gave me a cachetada.  No, not a slap on the cheek!  A cachetada is also a Mexican candy — similar to the dried fruit roll ups my kids used to eat, though I have a sneaking suspicion these may just be dried, dyed, and flavored sugar water.  Here is mine, hanging out in Oaxaca.

Cachetada, Mexican candy

Cachetada – slap
A Mexican long candy
Red, green, lick or bite

– Haiku by Margarita Shubart –


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