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Spring morning marvel
lovely nameless little hill
on a sea of mist


night blooming cereus

Spring in Oaxaca brings high temperatures, dry hazy skies, the shrill sound of cicadas, and ethereal beauty of these flowers. Whether you call them by their common name, Night Blooming Cereus, or call them by their scientific name, Epiphyllum hookeri, upon waking, their twelve hours of temporal exquisiteness is a spring morning marvel.

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Last week, my neighbor Marga gave me a cachetada.  No, not a slap on the cheek!  A cachetada is also a Mexican candy — similar to the dried fruit roll ups my kids used to eat, though I have a sneaking suspicion these may just be dried, dyed, and flavored sugar water.  Here is mine, hanging out in Oaxaca.

Cachetada, Mexican candy

Cachetada – slap
A Mexican long candy
Red, green, lick or bite

– Haiku by Margarita Shubart –


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