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Remember Have brooms will travel?  One day a motorcycle, another day a cart.


And today, the man behind the brooms.


Escobas de otate are the best for street sweeping!

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P1160672 part col

Street sweepers and their escobas (brooms) de otate, excepted.

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Company coming for comida tomorrow.  Today, I’m cooking and cleaning.  I could use one of these…

5 brooms leaning against truck

3 brooms sticking up from cart

Broom leaning against wall with bicycle

Oaxaca’s ubiquitous, escobas de otate.  By the way, they work great!


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As yesterday’s post reported, fireworks late Monday night heralded the feast day of La Virgen de la Soledad, the patron saint of Oaxaca. P1030476

However, that was far from the end of the nocturnal tale.  At the stroke of midnight, only an hour after the snaps, crackles, and pops had ended, and when I had finally drifted off to sleep, the bells of the Basilica began a frenzied pealing.  They were immediately joined by repeated rocket explosions, and the unmistakable sounds of a tuna band; at 2 AM bells, rockets, and mariachis; at 4 AM more bells, rockets, music, AND a procession winding its way through the streets of the city; its sounds ebbing and flowing for  almost two hours.

At 6 AM, I gave up attempting sleep, threw on jeans, shoes, and a sweatshirt (didn’t even bother to wash my face or brush my teeth — don’t tell anybody), grabbed my camera, and headed over to the Basilica.  What a sight!!!


The Plaza de la Danza was covered with food stalls offering barbacoa, molotes, empanadas, tacos, buñuelas, hot chocolate, breads, and pastries — the best of Oaxaca street food.  And, they were all open!


On the Basilica’s plaza, the Banda Auténticos (from San Andrés Huayapam) was playing…


Dancers were dancing…


People were just waking up…


Vendors were selling roses and bouquets of herbs…


And, ubiquitous twig brooms (escobas de otate) waited to sweep-up the detritus from Soledad and friends pulling an all-nighter.


After a breakfast of barbacoa (chivo) and hot chocolate, I walked back home.  Sleep deprived or not, it was a great morning!

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On my way to the Oaxaca Lending Library this morning, I was stopped in my tracks by tree shadows and dappled lavender jacaranda blossoms on the rust red of newly landscaped planter beds of Santo Domingo.  Light, shadows, color, texture…

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I think the broom suspended in the tree is a nice touch!

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