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Still recovering from last week’s Día de los Muertos celebrations, another marathon of activities is upon us — last night the third Oaxaca FilmFest opened.  With 10 days, 25 venues, 300 films, 5 days of academic programs, among many other events, I can see it’s going to be no rest for the weary!

FilmFest3 logo projected on screen

So, with Golden Key passes (approx. US$11.50) hanging from our necks, last night my indomitable 86-year old neighbor and I walked down to the festival’s headquarters at Plaza San Jerónimo on the Alcalá for the opening night cocktail party.  Gringos and international filmmakers mingled with a predominantly young and hip Oaxaqueño crowd.  Needless to say, cervesas, mezcal, and horchata flowed freely, accompanied by yummy (though less plentiful) botanas.

We eventually wound our way over to Teatro Juárez to hear founder and artistic director, Ramiz Adeeb Azar, welcome an almost full house, open the festival, and introduce the three opening night films:  shorts, Postmodern Times from Austria and The Game from Poland and feature length film, Tilt from Bulgaria and Germany.  All three were gripping, thought provoking, and held the audience’s attention.  (Chris, they all passed the Low Cough Principle test.)  It was a good start!

Ramiz Adeeb Azar standing at podium

Ramiz Adeeb Azar

During the course of the evening, we spoke with two American screenwriters, who each have scripts entered in a Script Competition, and American filmmaker Matt Dunnerstick, whose film, The Custom Mary, will be screened tonight and again later in the festival.  It’s truly an international festival and (at least last night) all the films were subtitled in both Spanish and English, as is all the program material.

I can’t believe how much bigger and more professional this festival has gotten in only three years.  I attended in 2010, the first year, and coming off eight years of volunteering at the Mill Valley Film Festival and attending for many more, I was underwhelmed and thus ignored last year’s Oaxaca FilmFest.  All I can say is, you’ve come a long way, baby!  I’m glad I’ve got my Golden Key pass and, like these folks, I will be intently studying my program booklet and scheduling grid.

Man and woman sitting reading program

I’ll see you at the movies!!!

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