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View from my son’s deck, Monday afternoon in upstate New York…

Snow and bare trees

View from my deck, Wednesday afternoon in Oaxaca…

San Felipe Neri, zócalo trees, mountains

What a difference 48 hours and 2000+ miles makes.  Ahhh, it feels good to be warm again!

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Finally over the flu, I flew to the east coast, arriving along with an arctic cold front.  Brrr… it was -14ºF early yesterday morning!!!  However, here on a frigid New York Friday…


And, there on a sunny Tlacolula Sunday…


A splash of red to liven up the day.

* Mural by Tlacolulokos.

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Last week near Saratoga Springs, NY it was 15º F, doors and windows were sealed shut, and the furnace was blasting.


Today, back in Oaxaca, it’s 90º F, doors and windows are wide open, and I’ve got the fan on.


What a difference one week and 2000+ miles makes.  I’m definitely a warm weather person!

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