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My trip to el norte is drawing to a close and tomorrow morning, before the sun rises, my day-long journey back to Oaxaca begins. After being away for 5-1/2 weeks, I wonder what changes I will see. In the meantime, a couple of cute animal photos from here and there…

Chipmunk that perches on this rock every morning at my son’s house in upstate New York.
Squirrel feeding station set up by neighbors in Barrio de Xochimilco, Oaxaca.

Now that I am fully vaccinated, I’m looking forward to venturing out and about a lot more and hopefully having more fodder for the blog!

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Last week near Saratoga Springs, NY it was 15º F, doors and windows were sealed shut, and the furnace was blasting.


Today, back in Oaxaca, it’s 90º F, doors and windows are wide open, and I’ve got the fan on.


What a difference one week and 2000+ miles makes.  I’m definitely a warm weather person!

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