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Last Monday, as I previously wrote, my bus ride home was rudely interrupted by a bloqueo (blockade).  Initially, this is how I felt…

Skeleton in robes painted on wall

Without any other options, I found myself walking along Calzada Madero.

Spider painted on railroad car

and found murals painted on old railroad cars…

Cat face painted on railroad car

in the yard of the old railroad station, now the Museo del Ferrocarril Mexicano del Sur.

3 creature faces big teeth painted on railroad car

By the time another bus finally came by, I felt much more like this…

Tranquil female face painted on side of building

Sighhh…  good ol’ Oaxaca, you just never know what you will stumble upon.

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Tourists are arriving by planes, buses, and automobiles.

Human scupture of palm

The streets, hotels, restaurants, and shops of Oaxaca are filling for los Días de Muertos.   Hopefully, before they depart…

Back view of palm leaf female sculpture

…they will spread a little wealth; and, when they return to their homes, they will sing Oaxaca’s praises.  Alas, their comings and goings won’t be by train.  Passenger train service is no more and the old railroad station opened as the Museo del Ferrocarril Mexicano del Sur in 2003.

And that is where you will find this shapely resident, as you come and go.



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