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Remember the Not for sale! building at the corner of Matamoros and Crespo? It’s been one of the buildings in a “mal estado” (bad state) since long before my first visit to Oaxaca in 2007. A portion of the Crespo facing wall finally collapsed at the end of an extremely wet 2012 rainy season. And, following the September 2017 earthquakes, what remained of the wall gave way, necessitating a barricade along the sidewalk.


As last Sunday’s stroll in the time of… showed, the barricade was in the process of getting its own facelift. It’s finished and it looks terrific.


However, as the owner, with the help of the artist, continues to make clear, the answer is NO. The building is not for sale!


By the way, while trying to locate the oldest photo I have of this wall, I discovered that I had missed the tenth anniversary of View From Casita Colibrí. It was March 25, 2010, with the post, Awake at 4:30 AM, that I began this blog. Its last line reads, “Whatever the reasons… here’s hoping I become a little braver in revealing myself, don’t let my perfectionist streak get in the way of posting and I stick with it!” I’ve definitely stuck with it, have overcome my fear of the writing and photos not being perfect (though I try to maintain my librarian commitment to accuracy), and have hopefully allowed a bit of “who I am” to be expressed in these ten years of blog posts. Here’s to another ten!


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This post is especially for other WordPress bloggers.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had problems with WordPress in the last 24+ hours, including not receiving any Daily Digests since April 12.  So, who knows if this will reach you…

According to a post at ars technica, “Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet.  Ongoing attack from >90,000 computers is creating a strain on Web hosts, too.”  Forbes has a good article on “How To Avoid The Coming Botnet.”

artist:  sanez

artist: sanez

Wall art from mural on Calle Prof. M. Aranda, next to Hotel Azucenas.

h/t Chris re the WordPress attack.

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Awake at 4:30 AM

Blogging???  This is what happens when I wake up at 4:30 AM and can’t go back to sleep!  Perhaps it’s part of a natural progression in the nesting process — finally feeling comfortable and at-home in my tiny rooftop studio apartment in my new city.  Maybe it’s another trial balloon in my search for a creative outlet or a project to add structure to my newly retired life.  Then again, with close friends so far away and Skype taking the spontaneity out of phone calls, it could fulfill a need to share my current adventures with whomever cares to read my musings, even if it’s just me.  Whatever the reasons (probably all of the above and then some), here’s hoping I become a little braver in revealing myself, don’t let my perfectionist streak get in the way of posting, and I stick with it!

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