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Church bells and scorpions; I must be back in my new home.

My return to Oaxaca was long and bumpy, with thunderstorms populating almost the entire trip.  A rocky ride was had by all.  The pint-size Embraer landed at 11 pm — pretty late for Oaxaca’s little airport.  However, as we alighted from the plane, the land crew provided welcoming umbrellas to protect us from the downpour, as we dashed across the blackened tarmac to the terminal.  With luggage retrieved, green light received, and boleto purchased, I jumped into the waiting and wonderful white airport van.

First to be dropped off, I pulled and dragged my suitcases up the two flights of stairs (trying not to awaken my sure-to-be sleeping neighbors along the way) and into the waiting embrace of Casita Colibrí, only to be greeted by carpenter’s tools strewn about and my bathroom door off its hinges — evidence of a project that was 2/3rds completed when I left six weeks before.  Not a problem, I told myself.  Then, my toilet wouldn’t flush.  No big deal, I told myself.  However (drum roll, please), when I came face-to-face with a scorpion in my bathroom sink, that WAS a problem!

I tried to be a “grownup” but it was my first real live scorpion and it totally freaked me out.   Eventually, I managed to send it on its way to the big alacrán casa in the sky.  I will spare you the details but suffice it to say, among other things, it involved saran wrap and duct tape.  Scorpions tend to carry on their scorpion business at night and, needless to say, sleep has not come easily since my close encounter.  However, like a good former reference librarian, I’ve done my research and discovered that the sting of the local variety of scorpion may be painful but is generally not deadly to healthy adults, lavender is used in France as a repellent, and people in the US Southwest report success using cedar oil to keep these creepy creatures out.  Now to find one or both…   In the interim, I reluctantly purchased and used one of several toxic sprays found on Soriana’s shelves — moderate peace of mind must be achieved if I am to get a good night’s sleep!

It took almost a week, but unpacking has finally been completed, suitcases stored, apartment has been tidied, carpenter has put my bathroom door back on, I’ve  fixed my toilet, and the pantry has been restocked.   I again awake to church bells chiming, geckos chirping, and colibrís zipping across my terrace.  My African Tulip trees are in bloom…

… and tonight I’m going to watch the Guerreros de Oaxaca play the Piratas de Campeche with my best friend in Oaxaca!  It’s good to be home…

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Awake at 4:30 AM

Blogging???  This is what happens when I wake up at 4:30 AM and can’t go back to sleep!  Perhaps it’s part of a natural progression in the nesting process — finally feeling comfortable and at-home in my tiny rooftop studio apartment in my new city.  Maybe it’s another trial balloon in my search for a creative outlet or a project to add structure to my newly retired life.  Then again, with close friends so far away and Skype taking the spontaneity out of phone calls, it could fulfill a need to share my current adventures with whomever cares to read my musings, even if it’s just me.  Whatever the reasons (probably all of the above and then some), here’s hoping I become a little braver in revealing myself, don’t let my perfectionist streak get in the way of posting, and I stick with it!

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