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Mosquito borne diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika continue to plague the planet.  Today’s good news is a Dengue vaccine proves 100% effective in human trials.  Let’s hope so!

In the meantime, understand the life cycle of mosquitoes and follow the instructions on a wall in Tlacolula de Matamoros…P1180034

Wash, cover, turn over, and eliminate!

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Día de Reyes wasn’t the only thing happening on Friday; January 6 was also Nurses Day (aka: Día de la Enfermera) and it warms this former RN’s heart.

Banner: U.A.B.J.O.; Facultad de enfermería y obstetricia; "Día de la enfermera"; Festival de la Salud; Celebramos...

Personal hygiene is important; don’t forget the toothpaste and soap!

Banner above a balloon dart board: "Higiene Personal"

Now this had me scratching my head… we never did this in nursing school!

Nurses giving head massages with a battery powered massager

However, when you are stressed, you are not relaxed.

Banner:  Cuando estas estresado no eres tu relajate y consientete

You need to pamper yourself.  Hmmm… wonder if my health insurance covers this?

Nurse giving a back massage

And, for goodness sake, don’t forget to hydrate!

Banner: Los beneficios del agua...

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Salud… to your health!

This afternoon, I headed to the Mercado Benito Juárez to stock up on my favorite coffee — 100% organic and grown in the highlands of Oaxaca — El Grano de Oro, Cafe Pluma.

As I entered the Alameda, it had been transformed into a parking lot — 42 new, spotless white, small Mitsubishi trucks, Dodge vans, and a couple of large Ford trucks.

According to Noticias, this is part of a 24.6 million peso (approx. 2 million dollars US) project to improve the health of the people, including a major vaccination effort.  Governor Gabino Cue was present to unveil the program.

Poster showing program expenditures

People in white coats milled around, posed for photos, and gave interviews after the governor’s speech.

Doctors gathered and discussing

And a new ambulance, earmarked for the municipality of Miguel Hidalgo, had a place of honor in front of the Cathedral.


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