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After a canceled 2020 season, Mexican League baseball returns to action and Oaxaca city officials have given the okay for fans of the Guerreros to return to the stands at estadio de béisbol “Eduardo Vasconcelos”, though capacity will be limited to 35%. And, this season the Guerreros will be led by their new manager — former Guerreros player and fan favorite, Erik Rodríguez.

VW bus often parked near the Estadio Eduardo Vasconcelos, home of the Guerreros.

The Guerreros open their 2021 season on May 21 in Puebla against the Pericos and then return to Oaxaca on May 25 for their home opener. Looking at their schedule, I might just have to put a game or two or three on my calendar. Post vaccinations, it feels good to be able to get out and about once again!

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Tonight, from the valley where corn was first cultivated, I’ll be watching my San Francisco Giants play game one of Major League Baseball’s, 2014 World Series.

I was amazed to discover that one of San Francisco’s ace relief pitchers, Yusmeiro Petit, the Giants’ do-everything man, played for the Oaxaca Guerreros in 2011!!!   The Guerreros, a Triple-A team in the Mexican League play at Estadio Eduardo Vasconcelos, within walking distance (albeit, a long walk) from my apartment.  I attended several of the Guerreros’ games in 2011 and, who knows, maybe I saw him.

When I was in Mexico, I always said to myself, “This is going to be my goal, to go back to the United States and be successful,” said Petit, through a translator. “I always knew that this could happen. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew this could happen.”  (from article, Giants’ do-everything man Petit ready for any task)

 (AP Photo/Don Boomer, File)

(AP Photo/Don Boomer, File)

And, from another article:

Petit thinks his experience with the Oaxaca Warriors was crucial in his career surge.   In Mexico he learned to mix his pitches and mastered the curve.  “I was in a slump, which happens to anyone,” he said. “But in Mexico I learned that I had to work harder to keep going and to reach what I was looking for, which was to come back (to the majors) and stay here.”

¡Felicidades Yusmeiro Petit y vamos Gigantes!


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Many of you may not know that Oaxaca has a Minor League baseball team, the Guerreros de Oaxaca, a Triple-A team in the Mexican League.  They play at Estadio de Béisbol Lic. Eduardo Vasconcelos, right off the Pan American Highway, and most seats look out onto the sierras to the east.  Tickets are inexpensive (women, seniors, and children usually pay even less), a friend insists it’s a great place to learn local Spanish swear words, and it’s a mere 25 blocks from Casita Colibrí (definitely within walking distance).

However, until Tuesday night, I hadn’t been to a game in almost three years.

View of baseball field & mountains to east

The Guerreros were playing the Vaqueros Laguna from Torreón, Coahuila AND women got in free!  Besides the action by the players on the field, there were cheerleaders.  What can I say???  They certainly know how to toss their hair!

Cheerleaders tossing their hair

Despite the free ticket promotion for women (and men only paid 25 pesos), the stands were about an eighth full.  However, this guy and his drum walked up and down the main aisle, drumming up fan support.

Man with sombrero and drum


Unfortunately, in the bottom on the second inning, the rain that had been threatening, finally came.  The game was halted, the players headed into their respective dugouts, and the ground crew pulled out the tarp.

Silver tarp pulled over infield

It was already 8:15 PM, and we succumbed to being “fair weather fans” and left.  The game eventually resumed and the Guerreros lost, 2-5, BUT they won the next night, 12-5, and are currently in third place in the Mexican League Sur.

I will return… THIS season!



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MLB All Star Game is on Cablemas (Lo siento mi maestra, el idioma es el Inglés.) and players from my San Francisco Giants are kicking “you know what!”  I’d hoped to take the ferry (a very civilized way to go) to a Giants’ game when I was in the Bay Area last month, but, alas, time got away from me.

Oaxaca has a Minor League team, the Guerreros de Oaxaca, a Triple-A team in the Mexican League and their stadium is within (long) walking distance.  Alas, I haven’t been to one of their games this season, either!  However, last week I did wander by their office; the door was open and revealed this wonderful sculpture…

Sculpture of three baseball players topped by a gold mitt

Baseball player on sculpture, with bat on shoulder.

Closeup of baseball player on sculpture with bat on shoulder, wearing Guerreros de Oaxaca cap and jersey.

By the way, during the seventh inning stretch, fans rise and sing, “Linda Oaxaca” (Beautiful Oaxaca).  It always brings a smile and I’ll take it over “God Bless America” every time!

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Are you…

Santo Domingo through chain-link fence.

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Oaxaca

Guerreros baseball player at bat; fielder poised to catch ball seen through backstop netting.

Guerreros de Oaxaca vs. Los Olmecas de Tabasco

Giant Swallowtail butterfly against window screen.

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly in Oaxaca.

…inside or outside?

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