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This afternoon, the headline of Noticias announced, “Oaxaca paralyzed by Mexico-Brazil match.”  It goes on to report that zócalo restaurants offered drink promotions and there were cries, sighs, applause, and prayers as people were glued to the TV monitors and their mobile devices. 

I, too, have caught World Cup fever.  I’m relatively new to fútbol/soccer (my sons played American football), but began learning during Mexico’s march to the Gold during the summer Olympics two years ago.

Still in California, today I was one of the Millions of U.S. Soccer Fans … Cheering for Mexico.  Friday, I watched Mexico’s 1-0 (should have been, 3-0) defeat of Cameroon by myself, albeit from the comfort of my younger son’s living room (he was at work).  However, for today’s match against Brazil, I headed to Sweetwater Music Hall and their ginormous screen.

Screenshot of Chicharito and Brazilian player

It was a full house and cries, sighs, applause, and prayers were evident there, too.  I’d say the crowd was 60-40 for Mexico, though some of the Brazilian contingent was particularly vocal.  Our (El Tri’s fans) hopes rose when Chicharito FINALLY came into the game, but in the end, the score remained nil-nil.  No scoring?  No, but it was a great game and Mexico’s goalkeeper Memo Ochoa played the game of his life.

Screenshot of Guillermo Ochoa

Immediately following the game, Memes Hail Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa’s Remarkable Saves for Mexico vs. Brazil.  I was going to try to add to it, by putting his face on an airborne Moctezuma during Danza de la Pluma, but I don’t have Photoshop on this computer.  Anybody?  Chris???

¡¡¡ #VamosMexico !!!

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