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June in Oaxaca city, the mornings are grey.



The sun eventually appears.



Afternoon clouds gather and thunder rumbles in the distance.


African tulip tree

Then darkness descends.


Night blooming cereus

Alas, this June only a minimal amount of rain has fallen.  But the garden endures.

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Back on January 10th, I posted a photo of a pupa that had materialized on my plumbago while I’d been up in the USA for a month.Butterfly pupa hanging on a plumbago stem
What I haven’t mentioned is that the next day, it moved!  It began traveling up and down the plumbago.  I ran inside, grabbed my new Canon G12, set it to video, and began recording.  Video was edited, music was added, and the following resulted:

However, that isn’t the end of the story.  I kept close tabs on the terrace’s new resident, checking daily, but no more plumbago strolling; the pupa remained firmly fastened to one of the branches.

Then on April 17th, over 3 months later, I noticed a significant change in the pupa…

Butterfly pupa
A butt protruding?  Was a butterfly in the process of emerging???  Daily observations continued… no change.  I returned to the USA for a month, returned to find… NO change!

Finally, on July 2nd, I couldn’t stand it any longer.  With the Skype encouragement from my friend G, I snipped the pupa from its home of almost six months and began a dissection;  the industrial strength silk was peeled away and the woody chrysalis was cut into with my gardening shears… a hollow shell of the “butt end” and an empty cottony interior was revealed!

Open chrysalis, silk from pupa, shell, and leaves from plumbagoThe butterfly had flown…



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