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A pause in the Día de Muertos coverage for breaking news!!!

A few months ago, I replaced the small lightweight plastic table, that came with my apartment, with a larger dark green/black wrought iron one.  A couple of weeks ago, I exchanged the faded blue umbrella for a dark green one.  However, blue plastic chairs continued to surround the table — dark green chairs remained elusive, until today.  All was now color-coordinated perfection.


Then, late this afternoon the winds came, the umbrella took flight, and disappeared


Up, up, and away over the terrace it sailed, landing on the rooftop of the apartment compound bodega.  Thank goodness it didn’t leave the property!


However, there is good news — with the aid of an extension ladder, long pole, and another gust of wind, my neighbor D freed it from the tree limb and its new rooftop perch.  Intact, it slowly glided down to the driveway.  It is now back, standing in the center of the table — albeit collapsed and fastened with a bungee cord.  Great minds are working on ways to better secure it.

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