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From an article a few days ago in CNN Mexico:

Obama recibe a Romney en la Casa Blanca
Es la primera vez que se reúnen desde que el presidente venció a Romney en las pasadas elecciones del 6 de noviembre

Google translates:

Romney welcomes Obama at the White House
It is the first time they meet since President Romney beat in the elections of November 6

???!!!  It’s all about the grammar.  Back to the books for me!

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Librarians, especially at the reference desk, are often called upon to be detectives.  However, sleuthing goes on behind the scenes, as well.  Lately, I’ve been cataloging DVDs at the Oaxaca Lending Library.  While most of the films are from el norte, they have been purchased in Mexico and thus have been given Spanish language titles.

Can you match these titles with the DVD jackets below?

  • Amor sin escalas
  • Asesino intimo
  • Buenas costumbres
  • El golpe perfecto
  • Una historia de traicion
  • Noche del crimen
  • Vecinos y enemigos
  • Secreto en la montaña

Answers will be revealed at the bottom of the next blog posting.

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