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Google Mexico doodles today’s election…

Googe doodle with voting booths, Mexican flag...

Click on the Doodle for election news.

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Op-ed piece from that appeared on Miller-McCune.com.  Grrr… anger-inducing, frustrating, and disappointing to this librarian!

How Google Disrespected Mexican History

Opinion: Anything can happen when Google gets involved in digitizing national treasure troves of archived information, warns a frustrated scholar.

Excerpt from article:

Paper of Record is a Canadian website that boasts of building the world’s largest searchable archive of historical newspapers. It was conceived, appropriately enough, in a Mexican restaurant in Ottawa by R. J. (Bob) Huggins. Paper of Record is, to my knowledge, the most extensive searchable archive of Mexican historical newspapers in the world. There are more than 150 logged newspapers, some dating as far back as the 1840s. Paper of Record became, outside of the National Newspaper Library of Mexico, the single most important resource of its kind for scholars like me working in Mexican history — in Mexico, the United States, anywhere. With an excellent user interface and powerful search engine, Paper of Record made a vast collection of what had been nearly unusable and generally inaccessible primary sources searchable and exploitable, at no charge to users. For some scholars, especially those of us doing commercial, political or economic history, Paper of Record became literally indispensable.

Then Google bought it.  [Read full article]

Link:  National Newspaper Library of Mexico (Hemeroteca Nacional de México) mentioned above.Masthead from Hemeroteca Nacional de México

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