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The Occupy movement continues… clashes with the Oakland, CA police on Saturday are making headlines.  And, when I was in Mexico City two weeks ago, an indignado planton (encampment) was firmly established in front of the domed building that houses the Mexican stock mark.  Please note the biblioteca (library).

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I must admit to feeling right at home, as plantons are an almost ubiquitous part of Oaxaca’s zócalo.  For more on plantons, David Bacon provides a cross border historical context to the planton/occupy movements in his article, Unions and Immigrants Join Occupy Movements,

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A Global Day of Action, in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. has been called for tomorrow, October 15.  According to a current tally, demonstrations will be held in 950+ US cities and 80+ countries, the latter including Mexico City.   Who knows what will unfold in Oaxaca, where occupations, marches, and road blocks are an almost daily event.

Si no te oyen haz que te vean, #15o, monumento a la revolucion, 12 hrs., Ciudad de MexicoConfession:  This is personal… I’m one of the 99% and lost my job as a result of the economic collapse brought about by the voracious, unconscionable, and unbridled greed of US capitalism.  Heck, even in my old ‘hood, more than 200 ‘Occupy Marin’ protesters demonstrated in front of Bank of America a few days ago.  It’s one of the few times, I wish I was still in El Norte, so I could participate.

BTW, the poster art and slogans coming out of this movement are awesome!  Take a look at the following sites:

If you don’t hear us, can you see us???

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