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…at Hierve el Agua.  Well, it doesn’t actually boil; cool, mineral rich water burbles up from underground springs,

Water burbling up into a small pool

depositing calcium carbonate as it cascades over the two cliffs, forming the Cascada Grande…

Calcium carbonate "waterfall"

and the Cascada Chica.  To reach the latter, one must bounce along a dirt road that twists, climbs, and descends for at least a half an hour from Mitla, pay a 20 peso admission, park, and then walk a short way down a steep and rocky path to come upon a spectacular sight.

Tree in foreground, with pool and mountains behind.

More than 2,500 years ago, a uniquely designed irrigation system was constructed to channel the waters.  (More information:  Ecotourism – Hierve el Agua)

Water and stone pockets

Iron stained troughs bring the mineral rich and supposedly healing water…

Rust-red stained trough

to two artificial, but tranquil pools above the Cascada Chica; peaceful at least on weekdays.  Rumor has it, the weekend scene is much more lively!

Green tinged water in pool on side of cliff.

Yesterday (a Friday), this dramatic take on an infinity pool had us all saying, aaahhh.

Pool dropping off over the cliff, with scenic background of mountains.

(ps)  A word to the wise (from the unwise), bring bug spray… though you may not see them, they (whatever they are) are there!  There are also food and trinket vendors, swimming is allowed, and bathrooms and changing rooms are available.

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