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It may be Good Friday and the streets of Oaxaca may be blocked while processions marking the Stations of the Cross pass by and Mexico may be overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.  BUT, when it comes to politics, the Mexican constitution demands the church must mind its own business.

After Mexico court ruling, gay couple weds in Oaxaca

Two women became the first same-sex couple to marry in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca after the Supreme Court found the state’s definition of marriage unconstitutional, a gay rights group said Thursday.

Mexico City is the only jurisdiction in the deeply Catholic country that has authorized same-sex marriage.

But in December, the top court ruled that Oaxaca’s civil code, which states that marriage is only between a man and a woman for the purpose “to perpetuate the species,” violates the constitution.

The Oaxaca Front for the Respect and Recognition of Sexual Diversity, which had taken part in the legal challenge, announced Thursday that two women got married on March 22 during a private ceremony.

The two women, along with two other gay couples, had appealed to the Supreme Court after Oaxaca state authorities refused to marry them.

Gay rights groups have voiced hope that the court ruling would pave the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage across Mexico.

Argentina is the only Latin American country to authorize such marriages, while Uruguay is considering a similar law.

Mexico giving the USA a lesson in the separation between church and state.  U.S. Supreme Court, are you listening?

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Yesterday in the United States…

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) made a rare Senate appearance this morning, sitting in a wheelchair just off the floor so that members would have to see him as they entered the chamber. Why? Because they were poised to vote on ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, and Dole hoped to send a message.

It didn’t work. The Senate killed the treaty this afternoon, with a final vote of 61 to 38, which seems like a lopsided majority, but which fell short of the two-thirds necessary for ratification.  [Link to full article in The Maddow Blog]

Today in Mexico…

Mexico’s Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling Wednesday striking down a marriage ban in the southern state of Oaxaca. Advocates say the language of the decision could open the door for same-sex marriages throughout the nation. 

The ruling effectively changes Oaxaca’s civil code to state that marriage takes place “between two people,” instead of between a man and woman, reports Spanish-language site AnimalPolitico.

The Court ruled in favor of three same-sex couples who sued the state of Oaxaca for the right to marry. The ruling does not immediately eliminate marriage equality bans in other Mexican states, but it does set a legal precedent to begin challenging statewide marriage bans, according to the blog AfterMarriage.  [Link to full article in The Advocate]

I am not the only gringa and gringo who is speechless re how low US politicians have sunk.  A gal pal (since we were 12) who now lives in Mexico and is confined to a wheelchair due to MS just posted on Facebook that she is “disgusted and, frankly, very upset” and feels “like traveling to Washington and getting in their face.”  And, Chris over at Oaxaca-The Year After asks, Seriously?

Which country do I feel prouder to live in?  ¡Bravo, México!

h/t  Michelle V.

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